Foto Phriday: The Rose Parade

Ideally, for Foto Phriday I’d like to post just one picture.  But the problem with this week’s photos is that the roses are starting to bloom, sending out their scentinels who are checking to see if it’s safe for the rest of the bush to bloom.

William Shakespeare, AUSRoyal


Crown Princess Margareta, AUSwinter

DSC03655DSC03676Angel Face

_DSC3489Don Juan



~ by Antonio on May 22, 2009.

2 Responses to “Foto Phriday: The Rose Parade”

  1. Angel Face was always a favorite of mine when I use to grow it. It’s such an unusual color for a rose. If you ever find perfume delight pick it up, it’s one of the most fragrant flowers I’ve smelled.

  2. Incidentally, Perfume Delight is among my 22 roses, and also categorized in the group of 5 roses that haven’t produced any flower buds, but not in the sub-group of two that were planted late this season. I’m fighting the urge to serve eviction notice. Wasn’t too thrilled with it last year, and am certainly unimpressed with its twiggy, leafy output this year.

    But Angel Face is looking to be quite the performer! Huge, heavy blooms that almost want to topple the plant over, with the most amazing fragrance on the east side of the fence. But as my garden guru said: “no garden is complete without a purple rose.”

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