I thought I killed you!

It’s a blah blah morning here in my Zone 6 garden.  Nevertheless, despite the chill and overcast skies, the garden is still developing.

I was out this morning taking photos of the rose buds which have started to swell with color.  So far, Double Knockout is the only rose that has a bloom on it.  Not as wonderful as one would expect, as it’s on the back side of the rose up against the fence and inches above the soil.  I tried to seduce the other roses into blooming on their front or top sides, with the promise of more care and attention…so we’ll see what happens with this.

Meanwhile, I was taking pictures of my neighbors weigela when my nose was attacked by a particularly delightful scent.

DSC03382This is a specimen growing in the way-back.  The way-back used to be a vegetable garden, and if everything goes according to plan it will become one again this year.  But it gets very weedy and very fast, so I usually stay on top of mowing and spraying it.  Last year I sprayed everything early.  The previous year, I sprayed everything early as well.  So imagine my shock when I see a honeysuckle bush in partial bloom after two years of regular spraying with weed-b-gone.

Honeysuckle is one of those things that brings back so many childhood memories, and one of those things that I was determined to sneak into the garden this year.  Joe is adamantly opposed to the idea of honeysuckle in my garden.  One of the more rampant varieties of lonicera was growing up around the lilacs and he’s still traumatized by the work involved in eradicating it.

But it’s my garden.  He objected to the idea of expanding the beds into the pool area.  I did it anyway, and by the time he noticed there was less space for grass he had already fell in love with the outcome.  He objected to me minimizing the mowable space in the ‘Bermuda Triangle’ – an area where, if left to it’s own devices, one can lose a rather large toddler or small adult.  But he loved the spread out look of the hedge of day lilies lining the driveway.

Now, all I have to do is take some pruning sheers to the honeysuckle to cut away some of the dead branches that succumbed to the assault by weed-b-gone.  And then I’ll work on acquiring some honeysuckle to line the other ugly chain link fence.  This’ll be our little secret.


~ by Antonio on May 18, 2009.

2 Responses to “I thought I killed you!”

  1. Better to ask forgiveness than permission I always say!

    • I never thought of forgiveness. I usually just fix him a cocktail before I take him on garden tours.

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