Color Implosion

Yesterday, while I was at work, some great things happened in the garden.

_DSC3113My bearded iris, the one I call Ruth’s Purple, bloomed.  Last year, she did her thing rather later than she should have…a month behind schedule.

_DSC3125This year, she not only bloomed on schedule with other irises in the area, but instead of just one I’ve got four other irises that are sporting swelling buds.  In addition to three more of Ruth’s Purples, I’ve got another iris that I rescued from my partner’s parents house.  It was last October after his mother’s funeral and we stopped at the house in Long Island before heading to the apartment in the city for shiva.  In the front of the house there is a patch of irises and one of them had become dislodged from the rest and was sitting on the cement path.  I quickly picked it up and put it in a bag to try and rescue it.  Despite not doing anything last year except turn brown, and spending most of the spring looking dormant, this one tuber has a bud on it that’s trying to put on a show.  So I’m waiting to see what color it wants to be before I give it a name.

Additionally, Snow Queen is crowning the fence with two of her buds.

_DSC3149Even with a pretty decent camera, the flower is a little bit difficult to photograph on a cloudy day.  The petals are nicely textured and veined, coursing through with various shades of white to a pale lavender.

_DSC3155In this photo a loyal subject has come to court.  From what I’ve been told, in the past clematises have never done too well here.  Snow Queen and the other clematises seem to be doing surprisingly well.  Belle of Woking looks a little sparse, which was one of the clematises that seemed to die on the vine last year (as did Ville de Lyon).  But Ville de Lyon, Fireworks, and Snow Queen look like they are going to put on nice shows this year.  I almost feel bad for so hastily spade pruning Jackmanii and that other clematis whose name I can’t remember.


~ by Antonio on May 14, 2009.

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