It’s like that game show

Over the weekend I purchased, assembled, and started using a tumbling composter. I had an old trash can that I was formerly using to compost stuff.  It was well worn and scraped at the bottom, which was probably providing decent oxygen in the beginning.  But it was difficult to turn the compost and it seemed that nothing really got cooking. I’ve also got two cages of leaf debris made from ‘turkey wire’ – which is like chicken wire, but bigger – that I’d like to get all composted before the autumn leaf harvest.

Assembling the composter was the easy part.  I had most of the tools required, except for the 3/4″ socket for the ratcheting wrench and the second adult (who was still sleeping at 7am on Saturday).  I had my iPhone blasting Strauss’ Capriccio in my ear and was quite surprised that the overture was starting again as I was finishing up the assembly process. But it was all done, except for the part that involved the 3/4″ socket.


It wasn’t until Sunday evening, after getting home from work, that I finally tightened the final bolts with an improvised 3/4″ using something that fit and something else that also fit.  I dumped the leaf debris and compostables from the trash can into the composter and gave it a spin.  I felt like I should have been standing next to Drew Carey or Bob Barker, but instead of spinning for the closest to a dollar without going over, I was tumbling for black gold.

I’m a little new to composting, so I felt the need to do a little research.  It’s complicated!  Measuring so many parts this to so many parts of that is a lot of math for my feeble little brain.  I’ve got leaf debris, egg shells, and spent coffee grinds, as well as various kitchen compostables, assorted non-weedy yard debris, and shredded paper.  I added grass clippings to the mix yesterday for the first time, as well as some potting soil one of last years planters.

Now, it’s time for me to just cross my fingers and continue tumbling for no whammies! But the whammies were on a different game show, I think…


~ by Antonio on May 12, 2009.

One Response to “It’s like that game show”

  1. A job well done! 🙂

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